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Time to go Flatout

Welcome to Flatout Camper Beds. We take a lot of pride in our products and are constantly striving to create new innovative options to make Van life as comfy as possible.

Have a look through the pages, check out the designs, browse the various photos and hopefully it will time for you to go Flatout

Probably the best space saving Camper beds available. Perfect for any van a simple yet elegant designs that fold down and away in seconds. Perfect for anyone who needs the space a van gives but is not going to let their free time go to waste.

Available for Small vans, Medium, SWB, LWB, Kombi, Crew Cab etc

Flatout Camper Van Beds (The fold down style)

From £595


Like our Flatout Beds its suited to virtually any Van. Converts from a sofa to a bed in seconds, Slides out effortlessly on ball bearing rollers, Lifts gracefully with the assistance of a gas struts. Gives extensive under seat storage. This is truly a chillaxing option for a camper bed

Lift & Slide Campervan Beds

From £695


A big part of our work is designing and making bespoke beds to customer requirements. It may be altering one of our existing campervan bed designs to work to a customers specific needs. Or creating a new design or layout. This is always fun and we do love a challenge so give us a call. The only limitation is your imagination oh and possibly the size of your van:) 

Bespoke Beds


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